Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai … Neither scary nor funny (Malaysia)

  • A horror comedy of terrible proportions
  • Saiful and Intan can’t save this boring film 

THIS is one of those horror comedy films that are the rage in Malaysia, but as usual, they’re neither scary nor funny. Viewers can expect the usual storylines without anything new in them.

Watching these films is such a pain in the neck. I head for cinemas with a heavy heart and despondent spirit before watching these films, and come out totally dispirited. The acting is abominable, while the editing, lighting and photography are appalling.

Spending 90 minutes watching director Opie Zami’s Kecoh! Hantu Raya Tok Chai (Tok Chai’s Guardian Ghost) is as bad as watching reruns of Sembunyi: Amukan Azazil.

Firstly, are the horror elements horrific? What’s the big deal about having a man in bad make-up stand behind people? Also, is it frightening to see a body wrapped in cloth suddenly wriggle?

The ghost (second from left) takes an interest in the film.

Secondly, is the film funny? Nope, and not even the presence of comedian Saiful Apek can save this film from the fires of hell.

His biggest contribution to the film is to scream at the top of his lungs and play coy with his love interest, Intan Ladyana, who plays a police corporal.

The film, however, has Kuswadinata, who plays a Tok Imam (village cleric) with a penchant for IT savviness. It is also mercifully short.

At the start of the film, the mischievous grin of Tok Chai (Sobri Anuar) makes an appearance at a restaurant frequented by Kicap (Azrul) and Aziz.

The two guys then meet Tok Penghulu (village headman), played by Bohari Ibrahim, who tells them that he’s on his way to Tok Chai’s house as he has just died.

Intan Ladyana and Saiful Apek play lovers in the film.

Tok Chai has been keeping a hantu raya, or guardian ghost, but upon the man’s death, the ghost is keen to stay in the physical world. It’s left to its own devices, so it takes the form of its boss and wreaks havoc on the village.

The ulama tells the villagers that they must bury the body before dawn, but the ghost has other plans.

Eby (Saiful) visits Tok Chai’s home but the ghost kicks up a fuss, so the villagers call in the cops, led by Inspector Ridzuan (Abdul Mutalif) and his subordinates, Sgt Sathia (Sathia) and Corporal Lisa.

In the film’s most hilarious moment, the inspector is revealed to be a pussy who’s afraid of ghosts. He orders Sathia and Lisa to enter the haunted house while he takes a back seat.

Cops in Malaysian films are shown to be pillars of strength so it was a surprise to see them portrayed as wusses. This, however, drew peals of laughter from the audience.

The guardian ghost takes the form of Sobri Anuar (second from left).

When the cops do get a control of the body, they and the villagers must take it to the graveyard, but they meet obstacles in the form of a punctured tyre, empty petrol tank and getting lost.

But have no fear as the ulama is here. He whips out his tablet and calls someone to bring petrol while he uses his GPS to lead the convoy to the graveyard.

Another villager, Azrul (Azrul), is celebrating the birth of his baby with his wife (Erin), but the ghost interrupts the proceedings. This leads to the husband and wife being confused as pontianak and other kinds of supernatural beings.

This horror comedy rehashes old themes, and coupled with its bad acting and directing, is a huge disappointment to fans.

1 out of 5

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