Gravity … Breathtaking visuals

A BREATHTAKING film with  virtuoso control by director Alfonso Cuaron.  The  opening scene glides by effortlessly in a single take. There’s fun banter with Mike (George Clooney) and Dr Ryan (Sandra Bullock) and a third astronaut, Sharif.  All that changes in an instant when debris hurtles their way. 

The camera becomes jumpy and jagged and shows the turmoil in space. Bullock does an awesome job showing her helplessness floating in space. Clooney is mainly in the film to provide humour but one scene of him showing his courage and sacrifice is worthy of an Oscar nod.

It reminded me of what Tim Robbins’ character did for his wife (Connie Nielsen) when they were running out of oxygen in Mission to Mars.

Bullock is the film’s heart and rock. She’s at first not used to being in space but circumstances force her to think outside the box.

She’s even about to give up after reaching the safety of a Russian space ship, but Cuaron’s deft hand, with the help of Clooney, get her to focus on her life and determination to get back to Earth in one piece.

However, my small problem with the film is that it’s predictable. Sure, we empathise with Bullock’s predicament and feel her confusion. But once she gets to her first ship, we know that she’ll get back home safely, regardless of the obstacles in her way.

3 1/2 out of 5



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    Will you post the review on Onayum Aatukuttiyum? thanks

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