Dua Kalimah

DUA Kalimah is a serious film about heeding God’s message and taking steps to bertaubat (repent).

The film’s theme is clear: if you cross God’s path, woe betide you. However, it offers hope to those who have sinned and want to return to the path of righteousness.

The film takes place in a coastal village in Terengganu. Aiman (Shaheizy Sam) and Selena (Nora Danish), an Australian-Malay woman, are returning to the former’s hometown.

A taxi driver with facial burn scars picks them them up at the airport and takes a detour to the village. An accident happens and the driver is killed on the spot. A villager rescues Aiman and Selena and takes them to his humble abode in his van.

Some viewers may wonder why he doesn’t take them to a hospital. It’s also strange that Aiman doesn’t immediately call his father, Haji Idrus (Ustaz Dini), who will have been wondering about his son and daughter-in-law’s absence.

One of three corpse-cleaning scenes.

Strange things happen during this time. While cleaning the corpse of the driver, worms come out of his body. This is the first of three corpse-cleaning scenes, with worms playing a big part in all of them.

The other two involve a man who caused a fatal heart attack in his mother, and a prostitute who user her house as her office.

The driver, we are told, used to practise black magic. He had snapped the neck of a woman and had run into his burning house that had been set on fire by angry villagers.

Aiman and Selena finally decide to return to their village, where the former’s father and sister have been eagerly waiting for them.

Shaheizy Sam and Nora Danish in ‘Dua Kalimah’

Aiman introduces Selena as his wife, but deep down, he actually pines for Humaira (Yana Samsudin), an ustaza, or religious teacher. He had promised to marry her before he had gone to Saudi Arabia to pursue his studies.

Selena, meanwhile, is haunted by a nightmare of fire encircling her. Both of them hide a secret that could earn them God’s wrath.

Aiman asks his sister about Kampung Cahaya, the village in which he and Selena had stayed, but she has never heard of it. He then tells her not to ask their father about it. Why? It’s strange that he doesn’t tell his family about it.

The prostitute’s mother, meanwhile, says she had no inkling of her daughter’s occupation. So she was caught off guard when she found many guys sleeping at her daughter’s house.

I find this hard to believe as a villager had complained to Haji Idrus, the village headman, about the prostitute.

Yana Samsudin and Nora Danish.

Dua Kalimah, written and directed by Eyra Rahman, takes too long and too many turns to get its message across. Viewers may also not find Shaheizy and Nora convincing enough to portray a couple with a secret.

It’s strong message, however, will remain a long time in viewers.

3 out of 5

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