Asean Int’l Film Festival 2013 results

KUCHING (Malaysia): Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines each won four awards at the first Asean International Film Festival and Awards here on March 30.

The festival screened more than 100 films over three days.

  • Best Picture (drama): Santa Nina (Philippines)
  • Best Picture (action): Songlap (Malaysia)
  • Best Picture (comedy): Istanbul Aku Datang (Malaysia)
  • Best Director: Riri Riza, Atambua 39º Celsius (Indonesia)
  • Best Actress: Alessandra de Rossi, Santa Nina (Philippines)
  • Best Actor: Shaheizy Sam, Songlap (Malaysia)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Anita Linda, Santa Nina (Philippines)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Bugoy Carino, Alagwa (Philippines)
  • Best Film Photography: Rayya (Indonesia)
  • Best Film Editing: Sang Martir (Indonesia)
  • Best Screenplay: Bunohan (Malaysia)
  • Special Jury Award: Rectoverso (Indonesia), Taxi! Taxi! (Singapore),  Ada Apa Dengan Rina (Brunei), and Kayan Beauties (Myanmar)
  • Special Honour Award: Hanyut (Malaysia)
  • Asean Spirit Award: Cinta Tapi Beda (Indonesia)
  • Best Student Short Film: Fate of Mountain (Malaysia)
  • Best Professional Short Film: Ren Shaon (Singapore)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Michelle Yeoh (Malaysia)


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