Ajiboy: Jangan Main-Main

  • An utterly boring family comedy set in a water theme park

AJIBOY is a lacklustre family movie. The adorable kid isn’t the attraction he’s supposed to be as his cuteness vanishes after a while.  

  The romance between his father and the latter’s employee is boring as you can predict what will happen in the first 15 minutes of the film.

Also, there’s no chemistry between them. It’s as if she’s turned off at the prospect of putting her arms around this big guy.

   The banter between two employees of a water theme park wears off after five minutes. Their imbecility will drive you nuts.

   Director Ismail “Bob” Hashim’s Ajiboy takes place in Malacca, Malaysia, where the two supervisor employees —   Mat Saju (Zalif Sidek, who, thankfully, isn’t playing an overweight gangster) and Chumi (Epy Raja Lawak) — are doing their utmost to prevent an annoying kid from entering the premises.  

On the table is 85 minutes of boredom.

    They abuse their positions by giving away products from the gift store to women and letting pretty women into the park for free.

   Unfortunately for them, the kid, Ajiboy (Rykarl Iskandar), is the only son of the park’s widower owner, Fauzan (Angah Raja Lawak).

Fauzan entrusts his son to run the park in  his absence and asks pretty aide Nisa (Adibah Yunus) to guide the boy.

Park employee Nisa is stuck in a bad job.

 The film would have had an iota of drama if it had shown more scenes of Ajiboy running the park. He’s just shown blowing a whistle at the two lazy supervisors and docking their salaries for costing the park money.  

 In another scene, he gets both of them to don monkey suits to jump around in a cage.

Him wanting his dad and Nisa to get together is barely funny.   

The two supervisors, meanwhile, scheme to get their money but even that’s not worth looking at. When Nisa is told of this, her face twitches and frowns as she figures out which expression to show.

 This film is as bad as Cinta Beruang and PE3.

1½ out of 5

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One Response to Ajiboy: Jangan Main-Main

  1. zanspiza says:

    Totally agree! It’s a freaking annoying movie. Waste my freaking RM14. I would have given 1 or probably 1/2 star only. If this continues, I won’t watch any malay movies anymore..seriously..

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